Sweet Harmony Cafe & Bakery, LLC
Outrageously Delicious Cakes…But We Are SO Much More!

Sweet Harmony Cafe & Bakery, LLC

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Serving Up Culinary Delights

When it comes to good food, Sweet Harmony Cafe & Bakery, LLC is the place to be in Middletown, Connecticut. We’re all about creating dishes that are sure to be a hit with your taste buds. Turn to us whether you want to a quick meal for the day or you wish to serve delicious grub at your event.

Client Feedback

“What a pleasant experience, just a short ride off the highway. I was starting to get hungry and traffic gave me the nudge to eat in Middletown, Connecticut. And Yelp brought me to a quiet (pre-bustling) Main Street to find some Sweet Harmony.

Omelettes and Crepes for breakfast, with just about anything you can think of to fill them with.

I went with somewhat traditional ingredients, bacon tomato avocado and cheese, but these fresh bakers have such a large array of things to suit your fancy that they should please everyone.

Their baked goods are so tempting, but I just couldn't bring myself to indulge this early in the day.

The best thing about this bakery restaurant, however, is the wonderfully-friendly folks who take great care of their customers. Oh, and the prices are pretty fair as well.”

-Barr H.

“The rain washed me and my daughters into Sweet Harmony today and we are so glad it did!

This is a beautiful, clean, and comfortable cafe with metered parking on Main Street.

I'm assuming the very sweet lady behind the counter was the owner because she was born to work with people!

We ordered three egg and cheese sandwiches on homemade rolls, a cup of homemade chocolate milk, and three cupcakes to take home. On top of that, we were given a free loaf of homemade bread, three free cookies (for being first time customers), and three samples of a scone that I think she said was mango orange.

Everything was extremely delicious and fresh. My egg sandwich was exactly what I like, but they were so big that next time I will order one for both of my girls to split. The girls loved their chocolate milk, upon their first sip their eyes lit up and my older daughter exclaimed "Mom! There's pieces of chocolate in here!". The three of us had never tasted a scone before, I was caught off guard at how moist, flavorful, and not overly sweet it was. Now I can say I enjoy a good scone!

My grandmother is the only person in the world that I know of who makes molasses cookies. Every year we wait for Christmas to get our hands on a few precious molasses cookies but the molasses cookies at Sweet Harmony are (don't tell grandma!) even BETTER than grandma's! I got to have a bite of each cookie and the snickerdoodle and birthday cake cookies were also fantastic!

My older daughter told me (with a mouth full of molasses cookie) that this is the best bakery in the world and she gives it 100 thumbs up!

My son loved the cupcake that was brought home for him also!

I'm absolutely positive that Sweet Harmony has become an instant family favorite!”

-Jaclyn N.

“I asked for a specialized cake for my son's college graduation. He's a drummer so, yes... I wanted a drum created. Not only is the design spectacular, it tastes delicious!!!

Trang and Laura were so accommodating to me with my timeline and were even flexible with time of pick-up.

I have been in love with Sweet Harmony for over 13 years and they have never disappointed me!”

-Persephone J.